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Building strong teams in the workplace pays dividends in many areas. One of the great benefits of team building is shaping and enhancing the company’s culture. With culture being such an important factor in many people’s decision about where to work, anything that nurtures a healthy culture is bound to help attract the best talent to the business. 

Building a Workplace Community That Works 

Team building creates a sense of community that contributes positively to the overall culture of the company. Strong teams that enjoy working together provide a sense of belonging to their members that enhances the workplace experience for everyone. Good team building exercises bring everyone together and encourage better communication among team members. A company culture that emphasizes the importance of effective communication is bound to be more productive, and a company with such a culture will be more attractive to those looking for more than just a paycheck from their job. 

Fostering the idea that all employees are important and that their input is valued helps to create a culture of inclusiveness and raises morale. Team building can enhance the inclusive nature of the workplace and serves to encourage better understanding among people of different backgrounds and with various life experiences. The more recent emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace makes creating and maintaining an inclusive company culture vital for the modern workplace. 

Team building activities that promote positive interactions between team members go a long way toward creating an ideal workplace. Bringing together a group of employees for a fun night of trivia or an escape room event is a great way to get team members to communicate and cooperate to pool their knowledge and skills in a positive and fun environment. When team members collaborate in fun activities, it can create a sense of camaraderie and lead to higher morale. A team whose members like working together will not only be more productive and better motivated, but also make a positive impression on job seekers. 

Successful team building can also result in friendly rivalries within the company. A company trivia championship or a competition to see which team can raise the most money for a local charity promotes a positive culture where each member feels included and important. Bringing teams together for friendly competition also promotes an even greater sense of being a valued part of a larger whole. 

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More Ways That Team Building Helps Develop Culture 

The benefits of team building mentioned above are not the only ones that contribute to a positive company culture. There are many other ways that team building activities can lead to a better overall workplace. Regular team building activities can reveal any major differences between management’s view of the company’s culture and that of the employees. To make sure that these differences don’t become problematic, both employees and managers need to assume an active role in setting company culture

Regular team building activities provide employees with a common experience that they can talk about with each other. It promotes “water-cooler talk” about a positive shared experience, one that will not lead to a toxic work environment. This is very important as the country has become so divided around politics and social issues. Avoiding heated arguments and bitter feelings in these divisive times is increasingly difficult, and no one wants to work at a place where everyone is either at each other’s throats or walking on eggshells. 

Employees that are engaged and communicative with their coworkers are more likely to speak up and put forth their ideas. New and innovative approaches to solving work problems come when everyone involved feels that they are accepted and respected by their colleagues. Using team building to foster such a culture results in a better opportunity for change and growth, both work-related and personal. A respectful culture is also an inclusive one and will create a better environment for diversity hires to feel comfortable. 

Related to this is the building of trust between team members. Team building activities that strengthen trust lead to better relationships. When a culture of trust is created, everyone is more likely to support each other and work together instead of each person looking out only for themselves. If the trust is extended vertically between workers and management, then the company’s culture improves and loyalty is engendered. This in turn increases employee retention. 

Strong team building brings together diverse individuals to create something that is greater than a group of individuals. Building bonds between workers and improving trust and acceptance makes for a better company culture and leads to better hires, retention, and productivity.